SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked California’s attorney general to investigate why the state’s gas prices are so high.

A new analysis from the California Energy Commission says California drivers are paying as much as $1 more per gallon of gasoline than the rest of the country. The commission concluded the primary cause was “simply that California’s retail gasoline outlets are charging higher prices.”

Monday, Newsom sent a letter to Attorney General Xavier Becerra and asked him to investigate. Newsom said the report suggests big oil companies are misleading and overcharging customers, possibly through false advertising and price fixing.

The commission said it has no evidence that gasoline retailers are doing those things. But it said name brand retailers refused to provide information for its analysis.

  1. Tom Simpson says:

    How can the CA Energy Commission conclude ANYTHING when they NO INFO from brand name retailers? The Commission Commissioner makes >$140,000/year. What dolts! Fire them all! The PUC consists of five commissioners appointed by the governor (!) and confirmed by the state Senate. And, Gov. Newsom, CA has the highest state taxes and fees on gasoline in the U.S. @ $0.61/gallon! You and/or the DEM-controlled legislature should cut those, as well as REQUIRING that “brand-name retailers” provide any & all info requested by the CEC/PUC.

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