By Marissa Perlman

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — For four years, neighbors have complained about the trash piling up outside a home off of Wade Court in Orangevale.

The trash has spilled out into the street, but not much has been done. The man who owns the home, Richard “Rusty” Graham, makes it known this is his property.

Neighbors have asked the county to clean up the blight Rusty leaves behind.

If you drive down Kenneth Avenue, you’ll see some peculiar items outside Graham’s home. That includes a prosthetic leg and large umbrellas shading over his lawn, covering clutter.

One neighbor told us, “it is well seen by many.”

The county has an open case on the home and has even forcibly cleaned up the property before.

But neighbors say days later, the mess just piles up again.

“The whole place is garbage, front to back,” one neighbor said.

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CBS13 spoke with dozens of neighbors who had the same complaint, but not one person wanted to speak on camera. They tell us, Rusty is still their neighbor, and some fear retaliation.

“He’s definitely a known character in Orangevale,” another neighbor said.

The house backs up to main thoroughfare Kenneth Avenue. Some say it makes what would otherwise be a nice neighborhood, an eyesore.

One neighbor said, “No one wants to see that. We all want to see that place get cleaned up.”

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The county confirms the property has been cited several times for rubbish and junk, and they’ve sent the owner multiple violation notices.

The neighborhood’s battle to get rid of the blight went nowhere. CBS13 asked the county why it’s been so long and not much has changed. Leaders with the county say hoarding is a mental illness and despite neighbors’ concerns, it’s difficult to address.

Rusty is now in Sacramento County Jail in Elk Grove, for a probation violation. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says Graham had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants including felony possession of a firearm. He’s also facing a charge for resisting or obstructing a peace officer.

Graham has been arraigned and will be in court this week. County leaders expect to share their plans with how they plan to move forward with the property.

Marissa Perlman


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