SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California Governor Gavin Newsom is the highest-paid governor in the country, earning more than two times the salary of the lowest-paid governor.

24/7 Wall Street ranked the salaries of all 50 governors and found California pays Governor Newsom $201,680, and that will increase to around $210,000 in December. The second-highest-paid is Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York who earns $200,000 a year. Next year he will earn $225,000.

On the other end of the list is Governor Janet Mills from Maine who earns $70,000 a year.

The Citizens Compensation Commission determines the salaries for California legislators and other statewide elected officials.


  1. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA)- $201,680
  2. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)- $200,000
  3. Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA)- $194,850
  4. Governor Bill Lee (R-TN)- $194,112
  5. Governor Charlie Baker (R-MA)- $185,500
  6. Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA)- $183,072
  7. Governor Phil Scott (R-VT)- $178,274
  8. Governor JB Pritzker (D-IL)- $177,412
  9. Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA)- $175,000
  10. Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ)- $175,000


  1. Governor Janet Mills (D-ME)- $70,000
  2. Governor Jared Polis (D-CO)- $90,000
  3. Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ)- $95,000
  4. Governor Kate Brown (D-OR)- $98,600
  5. Governor Laura Kelly (D-KS)- $99,636
  6. Governor Pete Ricketts (R-NE)- $105,000
  7. Governor Mark Gordon (R-WY)- $105,000
  8. Governor Henry McMaster (R-SC)- $106,078
  9. Governor Lujan Grisham (D-NM)- $110,000
  10. Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD)- $113,961

The president’s annual salary is $400,000. Senators and members of Congress earn a yearly salary of $174,000.

Despite earning more than the other governors in the United States, Governor Newsom earns far less than California’s highest-paid state employee, Mark Laret. The University of California San Francisco Health President and CEO earns $1,088,447 in regular pay.

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  1. Rick Nelson says:

    It is the position that earns the wage. Regardless of who holds the office.

  2. Jim Knox says:

    Re: highest paid state employee. I think you will find that the UCLA football and men’s basketball coaches and the Cal football and men’s basketball coaches all make considerably more than the UCSF Health President.

    1. Tom Simpson says:

      Probably same for USC and a few other CA public & private college coaches…(The highest paid coach in college football is Univ. of Alabama’s Nick Saban @ $8.3 Million/year in 2018 – ABSURD!)

  3. JeanMarie Wisniewski says:

    Well, let’s let our wonderful Governor Newsom pay for all the illegals health care! Because I sure as hell don’t have money. I cannot even pay my own health insurance nor can most of the folks in California! He really needs to go! I pray we are successful in recalling him! He is a power hungry sellf centered idiot!

  4. Regina says:

    These wages are outrageous!! Sorry…but I don’t think government wages should break the bank!!

  5. Dennis says:

    That’s pretty good pay to be Pelosi’s puppet!

  6. Ananth says:

    That pay is reasonable. But in my opinion, he should honestly be making more for helping advance immigration policy in CA!

  7. Hill411 says:

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Newson is worth about Twenty MILLION Dollars. I can see where and understand why he needs a raise!!! He probably can’t afford to live the lifestyle he has become accustomed to as a member of the top 1%ers in the US. No doubt he feels your pain.

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