MODESTO (CBS13) — Police arrested a transient woman over the weekend for allegedly throwing a cup of scalding water at a Starbucks Barista, causing first- and second-degree burns to his face and neck.

According to Modesto police, the woman, Marci Katz, was given a free cup of hot water in a 20 oz. cup at the downtown H Street location.

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Marci Katz’s booking photo. (credit: Modesto Police)

Katz reportedly was known to employees for staying in the bathroom for extended periods, so one barista told her to not use it for more than 10 minutes. Police say Katz then threw the water at the barista, burning his face and neck.

The barista was treated at an area hospital.

The incident happened on Tuesday, but Katz was not arrested until Saturday when she returned to the store and an employee who saw the attack called 911.

Katz was arrested on suspicion of mayhem and a probation violation.

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  1. Me says:

    I guess this town should do something about accommodating the needs of the homeless. They are there, whether you like it or not.

    1. notmyrealname says:

      Mental hospital or jail. Pick one.

      1. Paloma says:

        Pathetic response spoken like someone who’s never been near homelessness themselves. I guess you don’t see them as people anymore because you’re used to sitting on a couch seeing them through a TV. Hopefully you or someone you love goes through this so you can be re-humanized. I also hope you, or your mother are forced into a jail or mental hospital against your will for some “prime american treatment” after getting mistreated by life to the point of personal degradation. That couch is comfy huh

      2. carlaaa says:

        @Paloma, you may not like his solution but it is more than you proposed with your response hoping that terrible things fall upon other people..

      3. Bob Kaspar says:

        @paloma. Mindless but fashionably “compasionate” response.

      4. Mike Palmer says:

        This is a microcosm of the world the Left wants to create. Soon enough it will be the barista who will be assigned blame due to his insensitivity (assuming he is a white male) and the crazy homeless felon will be given an intersectionality award for standing up for her rights.

      5. Fred says:

        “Mental hospital or jail. Pick one.”

        Damn skippy! Excellent comment

    2. Da Sausyman says:

      Its attitudes like that that swept pedo priests in the dark. You don’t make accommodations or concessions to people who act criminally and violate others… just because they are there. I have taken in almost a dozen homeless veterans and anytime they had a recent violent history or acted out violently in a substantial way, no one in the home just accommodated it. And if you think violence like this represents any norm within the homeless community, you clearly never volunteered or did outreach work. your stereotyping of marginalized people is normal for the lefts under-the-radar baggage of prejudice ideologies and superiority complexes.

      1. Mike Palmer says:

        All very true, Da. They are engaging in the common Leftist tactic of the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

    3. Chris Richards says:

      This is the problem with California. The attitudes from the people who don’t have to deal with these people on a daily basis are that everyone should give give give give give and there is no end. The reality is that these people are mostly drug addicts and have mental illness related to drugs and are criminals and even if you gave them a million dollars, they would find a way to squander it and blow it all on drugs and they would be right back in their situation. The best place for them is to either find work and work like everyone else, or jail/prison or a mental hospital. There is no reason why people should be laying around doing drugs all day. It is the choices these people are making that leave them in their own situation. Giving them free services doesn’t help anyone, it actually hurts society as a whole. You will bankrupt yourself by spending all your time helping people who have no intention of helping themselves, and will do their best to squander and waste the resources they do have or acquire.

    4. C O Jones says:

      We are going to set them up in your backyard.

  2. ricardoqueso says:

    What about aggravated assault? The employee could be disfigured for life.
    “Katz was arrested on suspicion of mayhem and a probation violation.”

  3. Tony Smith says:

    I thought Starcucks wanted the homeless to use their restrooms!!????!!!

  4. Roland Nadeau says:

    Marci Crack?

  5. Seth Thomas says:

    Well, since Starbucks changed their policy to allow anybody to use the bathrooms, customer or not, after already getting free water…guess the employee should lawyer up and sue for $50M. Apparently employee safety and wellbeing is less important than profits and the homeless.

  6. Jon Little says:

    100 days in the slammer and relocation to the Enchanted Kingdom ought to take care of this meth head.

  7. malewurmhole says:

    Employee needs to sue his employer for creating an unsafe working environment and Starbucks needs to higher a full time person to handle bathroom monitoring. I don’t think a simple coffee pourer signed up to police the amount of time a vagrant uses the facilities.

  8. Nobody says:


  9. Elmer Williams says:

    Are we supposed to let homeless people continue defecating on our sidewalks, just to be compassionate?

  10. Sum Ting Wong says:

    Is she single?

  11. Jack Woolard says:

    Give it the needle and put it down like the animal it is.

    Send any next of kin the bill.

  12. Jim Wolfson says:

    Thanks for all the drunken stewbums and junkies on the streets, democRats.

  13. Peter York says:

    so nice to read stories about white people for a change.

  14. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    Katz lol Duel citizen privilege.

  15. Jess Sain says:

    The damage it did, that horrible shriveled up face..oh wait…she’s the one who threw the water, my bad. Hey make her work it off using her face to make halloween masks.

  16. Paul says:

    Sean Bean sure has fallen on hard times

  17. Jean Jacques LeMaintrant says:

    Paloma: prime american treatment
    If you don’t like this country…you can move to the one I came from. There, you cannot write the things you wrote without the secret police knocking on your door. When you pour hot water on someone for telling you the time limit for the restroom is 10 minutes(too long) you likely should be in a mental hospital or a jail. Your alternative? Let them roam around so they can harm someone else? Get real! I don’t care how many homeless people you know, If ANYBODY physically ANYBODY based on words that were said to them, they need to be away from people so they don’t hurt anybody else. And if you have a problem with that, then you have about as much sense as starbucks and the mental patient/criminal in this story.

  18. Wilton Clifton says:

    Is it just me, or does she look like a female “Frank Gallagher from Shameless”?

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