By Rachel Wulff

DIXON (CBS13) — As we look toward more wind Tuesday, thousands in the area are rushing to clean up what Mother Nature left behind Sunday.

If you were one of the ones to get through to a contractor Monday, consider yourself lucky. So many were scrambling to clean up and make repairs through the day Monday and into the night.

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Crews worked into the night in Fairfield with chainsaws and other heavy equipment with extra manpower taking down the top of a pine tree toppled by Sunday’s high winds.

Sebastian Huerta with Valley Falls tree Care said, “All we are doing is bringing down the top and on the weekend we will come finish the cleanup.”

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The trees are at the back of John Hodson’s property.

“It was the loudest crack you have heard and a huge chunk of the tree came down,” said Hodson.

What fell measured nearly the length of his lot, taking out a fence, another tree and nearly hitting their neighbor’s home. He felt lucky to get crews quickly to do the emergency work.

Linda Lowenstine west of Davis hasn’t been so lucky.

“Looks like a giant gust came in and it was just enough force to pop the roof off,” said Lowenstine.

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She has been on the phone all day trying to get estimates.

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“I wasn’t home but my neighbor texted me and said ‘Your hay barn roof is on top of your horse barn.’ So I came flying home expecting to see a decapitated horse,” Lowenstine said.

Fortunately, her 22-year-old Warmblood scrambled to safety inside the stable.

“He was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t get a halter on him. I had to open his inside door and let him run out,” Lowenstine said.

There is also no more corn maze to run through at the Cool Patch Pumpkin corn maze in Dixon. High winds flattened the world-famous attraction, closing it down for the season.

Owner Matt Cooley said, “It’s no fun. If you can see where you are going, you might as well walk around in your backyard. I am just so happy it didn’t happen a couple weeks ago.”

Back in Fairfield, Hodson held his son tightly, thankful nobody was injured. But knows he isn’t done calling contractors.

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“There’s a lot of contractors that will be visiting us in the next couple days,” he said.