PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — Some people in Placer County just got power restored Tuesday and are looking at the possibility of more outages.

But it’s restoring power that is a problem in some cases because the surge damages property.

“What PG&E is doing now is playing God,” said 49er Jack.

Restoring power after PG&E outages have cost him thousands.

“I saw smoke and this whole thing caught in fire,” he said.

He showed us a gate motor and other household items that were damaged when power was restored after the first outage two weeks ago.

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“A dishwasher just had to get repaired. It blew out my microwave, that $500 bucks. My fans upstairs, nothing works,” he said.

Electricians are working overtime responding to calls. Aubree Mackey works with Wiring Integrity.

“As soon as power hits, it shoots electricity throughout that system,” said Mackey.

So we asked: how can you protect yourself before power is restored?

“We don’t advise you turn off the main breaker into your house which is the one that’s going to have the biggest number or say service ‘on/off.’ You don’t want to touch that one. You want to turn off the smaller branch circuits,” said Mackey.

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And surge protectors work-but you will need more than one.

“You would need a surge protector at the panel and then you would need surge protectors behind each of your major appliances,” Mackey said.

You can also unplug your appliances before power is reconnected to protect them. 49er Jack is planning for the future but not having a lot of luck.

“I have been trying for 2-3 weeks to get a reasonable generator to get the whole house but it’s $20-25,000 bucks,” he said.


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