EL DORADO (CBS13) – Governor Gavin Newsom is sounding off on the local businesses affected by the PG&E shutoffs.

PG&E is handing out rebates to the tune of $250 for businesses and $100 for residents who felt the effects of their Oct. 9 shutoff, but on Thursday the Governor and some local businesses are saying that’s not enough.

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Frank Perri, the owner of Papa Gianni’s in Cameron Park, said, “250 bucks really isn’t going to recoup any businesses that lost money [the] last few days.”

He says getting the $7,000 he lost during the shutoffs would be nice. “It’s a nice gesture, but really not going to cover your costs,” he said.

Store shelves at the Safeway down the street are slowing filling back up, after losing tens of thousands of dollars worth of spoiled food, that they had to throw away.

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CBS13 spoke with the manager of a nursing home in Placerville who says some businesses are closing their doors.

“This power outage was hard on everybody, there’s so much money that’s being lost,” said Jared Edmunds.

The Governor calls the stipend, the bare minimum.

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“It’s the minimum they can do,” he said. “They initially resisted my request to do the rebates. A number of weeks ago they rightfully reconsidered, but it’s the basic and bare minimum.”

Marissa Perlman