PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — It’s no ordinary suspect search.

Placer County Sheriff’s deputies found a familiar black bear they call “T-shirt” trapped inside a Kings Beach dumpster.

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The deputy’s dash camera video of the confrontation shows deputies using some unscripted techniques — picking the dumpster lock, and finally freeing the 400-pound beast.

It is a unique skillset for Placer County deputies.

“Absolutely, when you come to Tahoe you learn ‘Bear 101’ by working at the sheriff’s office,” Placer County deputy sergeant Dave Hunt said.

Sergeant Hunt has worked here 25 years and said there is no textbook course on dealing with bears at the academy.

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“They don’t get any bear training whatsoever,” Hunt said.

This confrontation wasn’t the first Placer County Sheriff deputies have had with “T-shirt” the bear. They posted a picture earlier this year warning the public not to corner him for photos. Recent dashcam videos show deputy adventures with other bears.

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Every one of them, leading to a safe resolution.

“The only time lethal force would be an option would be if it was an imminent danger to life,” Sgt. Hunt said.

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It’s a wild part of Placer County Sheriff’s deputy duties. Freeing “T-Shirt” the bear is just another day on the job.