FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – Authorities say a Seattle man is under arrest after a crime spree across Solano County on Monday night.

The incident started in Suisun City just before 7 p.m. when a resident reported that someone had pointed a gun at him and sole his car. With that car having a tracking device, police were able to follow it to Vacaville.

There, a series of other crimes were reported: A retail employee sitting in his car while on break was robbed, while two people shopping at a nearby outlet store reported being inappropriately touched. The suspect in each incident had a similar description, Vacaville police say.

Police tracked the suspect to the area of Nut Tree and Orange Drive. Officers moved in and spotted the car peel out of the parking lot – damaging the car enough for the suspect to ditch it and run into a nearby fast food restaurant.

Officers were setting up a perimeter when they spotted a different car take off from the restaurant. As they quickly found out, that car had been carjacked by the suspect as well.

The suspect took off recklessly on eastbound Interstate 80, towards Dixon. It then headed back to Vacaville and then went towards Fairfield.

Officers were waiting for the suspect in Fairfield with spike strips. They were deployed and managed to partially disable the car. However, the suspect then got out and carjacked another bystander.

In this carjacking and attempt to get away, the suspect hit a Fairfield police officer’s patrol car.

Eventually, with the help of a California Highway Patrol helicopter, officers were able to hone in on the suspect and surround him.

The suspect, 31-year-old Seattle resident Mykhell Hedstrom, was arrested and booked into Solano County Jail.

Hedstrom is now facing numerous felony charges related to the carjackings, robberies and evading officers.