Jobs can be stressful and a new survey finds many people are stressed out before they even get to work.

The survey from professional staffing agency Robert Half shows 45% of people say their trip to the office is too long. That’s up from 30% in 2017. Those longer travel times are taking a toll, 50% of workers say their commute to work is stressful.

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Robert Half’s Brandi Britton says the stress of a long commute can make workers less productive on the job. She says, “It’s worthwhile for employees to ask about a different schedule, modifying, working from home from time to time, because the market is very competitive for employees.”

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Carmen Romero Eberle’s says you can’t avoid the traffic and that’s why her day always starts early. She says she commutes about four hours a day and she tackles work before tackling the traffic. Carmen says, “I try to do some reports before I get to work so that I know that the reports that are due in the morning are already out.”

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Two out of three people in LA believe their commute is too long and they’re not alone. People in Washington DC, New York, and Houston reported long travel times, spending about an hour or more getting to the office.