Sacramento has a lot to offer, which could be why settling on a single slogan for the city continues to generate debate.

Some say the debate began when the slogan on the 103-foot-high water tank along Interstate 5 was repainted. For years, it said “City of Trees,” then in March 2017, it changed to “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital” to reflect Visit Sacramento’s efforts to promote farm-to-fork events in September.

The city was declared America’s farm-to-fork capital back in 2012.

Although Sacramento has more trees than just about any city on the planet, some people argue that the “city of trees” slogan is too generic, although one could argue it deserves the title. It’s the same slogan claimed by 24 cities, including Woodland, Oakland, and Chico.

Which slogan do you prefer?

Here are some other suggestions we came up with:

  • Home City of the Kings
  • An Hour From Everywhere
  • California’s Capital City
  • The River City
Comments (2)
  1. Imeanit No says:

    The results of the poll are pretty telling.

  2. frankc4 says:

    I know “City of Trees” has a romantic sound… BUT there are many more cities that many more trees than Sacramento (ever been to Dallas?)… So that becomes a rather dubious claim. “Farm to Fork” is much more significant for Sacramento… but won’t get the love.

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