SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the first time, we’re hearing from one of the people who voted against a temporary ban on no-fault evictions in Sacramento County. 

The move would have kept people from being forced from their homes ahead of the new rent cap law.

Sacramento County District 4 Supervisor Sue Frost said she voted against it because she wants to protect renters and rental property owners.

“Having a rental property is like a business and if the rents don’t cover the cost, the person who owns the property can actually change the use and evict everyone and shut it down or sell it,” Frost said.

A state law capping rent increases and putting new restrictions on evictions goes into effect January 1. The law was another reason behind Frost’s decision on Tuesday.

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“Puting a cap on rents is going to put added pressure on the property owners who are renting out the properties. The rent has to cover the cost,” Frost said.

Frost is facing a lot of backlash over her vote which appears to favor landlords over tenants. She has a long history in real estate and is currently a broker and a member of the Sacramento Association of Realtors. It may be no surprise that she has a lot of support from within that industry.

Looking into Frost’s campaign finance records, it appears many donors might benefit from laws favoring landlords over tenants. Additionally, more than 40% of recent donations to the Sue Frost 2020 Campaign have come from within the real estate industry.

Since 2018, two out of every five donors included real estate investors or people who list occupations like real estate, builder, or developer. There were also many real estate attorneys, other associated professions, and people who failed to list their affiliations.

When asked how those ties may have influenced her vote, Frost insists they did not. Her office added that many in real estate like developers and builders would not necessarily benefit from the vote.

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  1. Let ME tell YOU sordid Supervisors who voted No something about that NO vote that should be blasted all over Sacramento County – the original owners when learning in shock that the prospective buyers would evict, they tried to switch brokers, and the broker involved said he WOULD BURN THE BUILDING DOWN IF SHE DID THAT. Hence, as my previous comment, THE NO Supervisors are no different than cartels burning babies alive or shooting deputy sheriffs. Sordid, depraved, disgusting and a screaming knife in the back to anyone who hails “California Liberal” – another name for Nazi’s kicking voters into homelessness, that’s a death blow.

  2. frankc4 says:

    Typical lying politician who puts money over people. Frost is one who keeps giving Republicans a bad name. When will the people of the 4th District get rid of people like her.

  3. Olivia says:

    It was a conflict of interest for people tied up in real estate and being supported by special interest groups to vote on something that has a direct effect on them. Sue Frost and Susan Peters should have recused themselves from this vote. They have no feeling for the average working person. I’ve never been evicted before but my landlord has done so and I have until Christmas to get out of the home I’ve had for 6 years. Unbelievable.

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