By Ryan Hill

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It was a normal Saturday afternoon for Kyle Trambley as he and his friend from out of town went to The Barn in West Sacramento.

Trambley is a bird lover and takes his parrot Inca to local watering holes any chance he can.

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“He’s 19. My cockatiel is 21. He’s from a rescue and I’ve had him for about two years and then Sally I’ve had since an egg,” Trambley said. “And then there’s this guy. This is the one that was found at a bar.”

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Trambley said that on Saturday, fellow bar-goers noticed a small blue female parakeet in a nearby tree at The Barn. He went into rescue mode, realizing it was probably someone’s pet.

“I immediately went to try to go catch it. However, there was a gaggle of children around trying to coax it with bread crust and everything,” Trambley said.

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He told CBS13 he and his friend were able to get the parakeet into the carrier he had brought Inca in to The Barn.

“I happened to have bird food, seeds, treats, a water dish everything ready to go to catch a bird at a bar in West Sacramento,” Trambley said with a laugh.

The bird owner took to social media sites like Facebook and Reddit to see if the bird’s owner would recognize and claim ownership of the bird. Trambley has also posted “Found Bird,” fliers for the parakeet. He said his goal is to make sure the missing fallow is returned to his owner.

“I’m not looking into any kind of rehoming or anything like that. I have supplies, [I’m] happy to take care of the bird until I find an owner,” Trambley said. “This is obviously a pet so I want to make sure that it gets home.”

The general manager of The Barn told CBS13 that he never would have thought that there would be a lost parakeet rescue at his establishment. He said people have noticed other animals on the premises like lizards or other creatures since it is mainly an outdoor bar.

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Trambley told CBS13 he has gotten some phone calls from possible owners but hasn’t found the true owner of the parakeet yet.