By Ryan Hill

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The Peres family’s young dog, Bandit, has been down a long road in his short one and a half years.

Jacquie Peres spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with him. But after they learned it would cost thousands more to make him better, they made the heartbreaking decision to let him go.

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“Unfortunately we were going to have to say goodbye and it was really hard on us,” Peres said. “But we had prayed that someone could take care of him.”

The family’s prayers were answered with veterinarian technician Cassidy Hanson.

“The big issue that brought him to the clinic was not being able to urinate, which is how we found his shunt and learned that he needs to be fixed,” Hanson said.

Hanson heard about the family’s difficult decision after learning about the heartache they’d already been through. So, she stepped in to give Bandit around-the-clock care free of charge and help gather donations for Bandit’s pending surgery.

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“He’s the glue in their family. He’s really important to his little boy and I hope through all of my efforts I can get him back to his little boy,” Hanson said.

Peres told CBS13 that the family had lost their first son Travis 14 years ago after he was born prematurely. In a way, Bandit’s been the brother to Jacob he’s never had.

“Him and Bandit are both fighters! They’re really trying hard to make it through,” Peres said.

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Hanson said that Bandit is stable for surgery but, she and the family said that it’s unknown when he’ll be scheduled for surgery.