WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Many customers doodle on the blank coasters at Jackrabbit Brewing Company while they enjoy a pint, but one anonymous drawing has management searching for the artist.

The mysterious Jack Rabbit coaster.

Brewery Manager Eveline Fisher said the business was looking to create some new merchandise and turned to their wall of coaster art to find inspiration. One coaster stood out on the wall, prompting a search for the artist.

The brewery posted a picture of the coaster on Facebook, asking their followers to help in their search for the artist. Fisher says she wants to use the image for stickers and t-shirts.

Jackrabbit Brewing Company

“I would love to use it because it’s honestly pretty perfect as is. I just really want to find out so we can give them credit and maybe some stuff,” Fisher said.

So far, the search for the mystery artist has turned up a few leads, but the true artist remains a mystery. Fisher said the initials “J.P.” are on the back and the coaster is dated 5/27/18.

If you know the artist, have them reach out to Jackrabbit Brewing on Facebook!


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