By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville woman’s phone was ringing off the hook, but the people on the line weren’t looking for her, they were trying to Call Kurtis.

Doing the dishes, walking the dog, even driving the car, nowhere is safe for Amilia Blackwell, who says somehow she keeps getting my calls.

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“One that came in, it was like 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning!” she said.

Sometimes she answers and offers consolation.

“I’m so sorry that’s happening to you. That sounds horrible.”

Sometimes they leave messages, and Amilia recalls them all: “I’m calling Kurtis about a situation at a nursing home. I think I’m calling Call Kurtis? Can you get a T-V station out here?”

But, she wants to make one thing clear: “I am not Call Kurtis!”


Amilia wants the calls to stop, so she asked me to investigate.

“Isn’t it the ultimate irony though that’s she’s got to Call Kurtis on Kurtis?” said P.R. expert Doug Elmet, who also said this is something we can’t ignore.

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“You have a responsibility to your brand. You have a responsibility to the people who utilize your service. You have a responsibly and you have to stand up and put on your big boy pants,” Elmet said.

So, I got to work. First, I looked at how close her number is to my hotline. Only three of the seven numbers are the same, so it’s not like people are misdialing. Then we realized, we actually knew Amilia, from a story we did with her back in 2011 about the housing crisis.

But I don’t publish viewers’ phone numbers, so how are people getting her number? Curious what would happen, I googled “Call Kurtis phone number.” At the top of the results was a link to my consumer complaint form that came up, but in the description was Amilia’s phone number. Why was it there?

I searched up and down our webpage. Turned out, thirteen people had left comments, including Amilia way back in April 2011. In it, she typed out her phone number. Somehow Google linked to my page but pulled up the phone number she left in the comments section.

“It’s like whoa, I did that? Yeah, I did,” said Amilia.

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Now we had to fix it. So I went to our web team and pulled down that comment with her phone number. Guess what? The number vanished from google.

“Haven’t gotten a phone call today. So that’s good,” said Amilia.

Now, Amilia can do the dishes, walk the dog, and relax without getting any phone calls for me. Case closed.

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“I’m excited to not have to carry anyone’s burden’s anymore,” she said.