by Rob Malcolm

LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — A Sierra bear was trapped and killed, but now the man who set off the controversial chain of events is receiving death threats.

That man would not speak on the record, but others in the area were quite vocal about the issue. Neighbors in the North Shore enclave of Tahoe Vista are upset after a local resident called the Department of Fish and Wildlife to trap a nuisance two-year-old black bear that was killed Friday.

“I think it’s crazy and most of the people here thought it was nuts. All of the neighbors,” Al Schultz said.

The homeowner was fed up with bears breaking into his car, so he called the DFW, who eventually set up a bear trap on his property. The bear was captured overnight and killed.

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Local bear advocate Megan McClintock voiced frustration and anger on Friday.

“It’s devastating. The community is up in heat about it. I’ve been on the phone with multiple people today,” McClintock said. “Who knows if the bear that was in that trap was the bear that caused the damage to his home or to his vehicles? Who knows if there was damage, it’s just unnecessary.”

Under state law, homeowners and tenants can use the depredation policy to apply for a legal permit to kill the bear on any problem animal. DFW says it’s last resort only after an investigation and education are the permits granted.

“I’m not for that at all. If you’re up in Tahoe, you expect to see bears. This is where they live,” Michele Immenschuh said.

Under the law, even the bear named “T-shirt” who is known to Placer County Sheriff’s deputies, for ravaging dumpsters in Kings Beach, could meet the same end.

VIDEO: ‘T-Shirt’ The Bear Gets Stuck In Dumpster Near Lake Tahoe, Again

“I’ve been here for 27 years, no one’s ever done anything like that,” Schultz said.

McClintock hopes a protest planned for Saturday will garner support to ensure a bear will never again lost it’s life over complaints from homeowners.

“We need to be diligent when it comes to bear activity up here, and what we can do to prevent the unnecessary death of a community member really,” McClintock said.

A DFW spokesperson said the bear was handled by a licensed trapper, not someone from their department.

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  1. Why didn’t they just relocate it?

    1. 19tballonboy says:

      Once bears get accustomed to human food they will never stay away, even if moved. They will return or find more human foods where humans live.I know where there is a couple of adult grizzlies that don’t even hibernate because the can constantly break into cabins and dumpsters, for food. They are not tame like black bears, only deadly.

  2. ken says:

    This is terrible and unnecessary. We’ve lived in Tahoe Vista for 38 years and NEVER had a problems with bears. Yes, we had bears in our garage twice but when I sternly yelled at them to leave, they left quietly. In both cases, I had left the garage door open and there were boxes of cereal in our cupboards. My bad.

    Those of us who live here are generally careful to not leave any food, even gum or wrapped candy, in our cars if they must be parked outside. We roll up all of the windows and lock the doors. It’s SOP and common sense. We tell all of guests to do the same.

    The bears were here before us and continued construction up here, such as the expansion of Northstar Ski area, have compressed the roaming and living space for this beautiful animals. We can easily co-exist if we take simple measures.

    1. Kid Blast says:

      Thank the Lord Ken yelled sternly!

    2. 19tballonboy says:

      If these people really care about the bears they should all move out so the bears can live a bear’s life. Just because someone does something you don’t like doesn’t give you right to criticize them, if it is legal, we still live in a free society. Move to Venezuela. Who would live around a bunch of fascists? How can we get them trapped and removed?

  3. Bob P says:

    People caused the problem! We lure them in with smells not found in the forest. How do we expect bears to adapt to the availability of food?

  4. Fred says:

    It’s a bear! You peeps feel free to adopt and raise it in your backyard! I’m gonna shoot it!! They make great sausage!!

  5. Sam Cook says:

    “It’s a community member” bahahaha… I’m sure she thinks she can communicate with them as well. Timothy Treadwell thought along those lines until he became a bear’s meal.

  6. northman says:

    Black bears are abundant in many places. If they become a nuisance then they need to be relocated to seattle or San Francisco.
    Other states have plenty to replace them.

  7. Bad Mannn says:

    These bear advocates like this Megan idiot need to get a life or better yet have a couple bears show up in her home and destroy everything. Bet she’s one of the nutjobs that feeds bears too.

  8. gregory alan smith says:

    Bears are WILD ANIMALS capable of killing people including Bambi lovers. Whiners need to get a life.

  9. subtle2 says:

    Problems between wild critters and town residents is not limited to bears. Vancouver, as an example, has many threats.
    On the North Shore against the mountains it is urban bears and urban cougars.
    Elsewhere, it is urban coyotes, urban raccoons, urban skunks, and–everywhere–urban socialists.
    Bob Hoye

    1. Oveida Sinclair says:

      I feel ya subtle2, I grew up in Alberta

  10. Dan Roth says:

    These people have their heads on backwards. There are only a few animals causing a lot of problems.

  11. Oveida Sinclair says:

    As far as I’m concerned bears are nothing more than over sized sewer rats that can easily kill humans at will. When I lived in Canada a black bear almost got me, luckily I had a 44mag Henry rifle close by on my 4 runner, I got 3 shots off at him and I know I hit him twice before he ran off back into the forest. I didn’t follow him in to see if he was alive, or dead, I am personally hoping for the latter.

  12. Jan Zeiters says:

    In Humboldt county black bears were pests, most ranchers followed the 3 s program, shoot shovel and shut up,

    It paid to know someone with a backhoe. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yogi bear but when he comes to visit in the back yard and presents a threat to me and mine he’s very quickly downgraded to varmint status and gets a couple of 12 ga slugs for his trouble.

  13. Jim Sutton says:

    All of these hot-headed bear lovers have never had to face down an angry bear. They’ve never had a pet killed or a family member maimed by a bear in their backyard. They have never had a bear smash through a door or window in the middle of the night. Those people are like the people who live in the woods and who don’t want the brush and deadfalls removed from their property and then whine when their house goes up in a wildfire. I suppose those people would invite rattlesnakes to take up homesteading under their front porch.

  14. Chris Bowen says:

    “McClintock hopes a protest planned for Saturday will garner support to ensure a bear will never again lost it’s life over complaints from homeowners.” You morons just MIGHT try editing these stories. . .

  15. Dirty Cop Registry says:

    For the safety of the community, free the bear and trap a liberal.

  16. Roger Bailey says:

    Can we eat it now? I’ll cook. Who bringing beer?

  17. Willy Bear says:

    Liberals. They are all the same. Worthless to the core!

  18. Yuba says:

    I remember the resident bears over my many years living in Tahoe Vista (my entire life). Brown bears though, they wanted food, the dumpster diver sort. Even the big’un, probably around 400 pounds, didn’t care about people, just food. Yeah, we all liked food.

    Barked as much as I wanted to and they didn’t care, nor did they bother me or my people.

    Kind’a reminds me of that time I heldup the Kings Beach 7/11. They couldn’t fool me, I know that’s where the ‘jerky’ came from. Never did understand why they called the cops on me.
    Heck, a Malamutes gotta eat too…

  19. Tony Smith says:

    Why didn’t they first see if the bear would attack people before killing it? Then, if she killed a few people, they would be justified in killing it. It’s outrageous what they did, a crime against nature!!!! In the words of Greta Thunberg, “How dare you?!”

  20. matismf says:

    Just relocate the bears to Sacramento! Then everything will be fine.

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