By Anna Giles

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton Police caught a break in a case many thought would go unsolved. A major gang bust led detectives to three people they believe are responsible for chaotic gunfire that struck a 10-year-old girl in October.

An x-ray of the bullet lodged in Michelle’s arm.

That little girl, Michelle, told her story for the first time on Tuesday night. “When they shot me, in the beginning, it kind of hurt,” she said.

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Michelle has a scar no child should ever have. In early October, she was playing in her backyard on Clay Street when bullets pierced through her home and struck her.

“The first gunshot noise, it hit me and then I heard other ones,” she said.

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Michelle said she ran inside and took cover as more shots rang out, but she wanted to stay calm for her family.

“I tried to stay calm by thinking everything will be okay. I was thinking of happy things and that kind of calmed me down,” she said.

The whole time, a bullet was lodged in her arm. It was a bullet doctors could not remove for nearly a month due to medical complications.

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Stockton police have since made three arrests in Michelle’s case. Two of the suspects are male juveniles and the third was identified as Emilio “Lil Mil” Negron.

The suspects were tracked down as part of a much larger operation against the Norteño street gang that began back in August.

“We want our kids to be safe, you want your kids to be safe,” said California Attorney General Xavier Beccera during a press conference in Stockton Tuesday morning.

Becerra pleaded with Stockton families to keep the momentum going on this crackdown.

“Help us track them down so that the men and women putting their lives on the line don’t have to worry about going home to their kids,” he said.

Meantime, Michelle faces months, possibly years of physical therapy in addition to the mental trauma.

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“I’m kind of worried that could happen again but my mom says it won’t, hopefully,” she said.