By Ryan Hill

CERES (CBS13) — Things for the Ceres Future Famers Of America group seems to be back to normal.

That’s because the seven-month-old goat Bella, who is cared for by members of Central Valley High School, is back home in her pen after she was stolen.

“It was very nerve-racking and stressful having her gone for so long. And honestly, I didn’t know if she would come home,” Arianna Gutierrez, Central Valley FFA member who cares for Bella, said.

The Ceres Unified School District said that surveillance cameras caught the moment when six individuals snatched Bella from her pen on Sunday night. Fast forward to Monday night, the district said that those cameras were rolling as Bella was returned to a group of people.

It’s something Gutierrez didn’t believe. “She seemed fine. She was playing with her pen mates so I think she was glad to be back,” she said.

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“I really didn’t believe that this was ever going to happen so I’m very thankful that we were able to get the goat back,” Ken Moncrief, the Central Valley agricultural teacher, said.

The school district said that it’s not exactly sure why Bella was taken. But, some believe that the stunt may have been a joke.

“Maybe their whole intention was just to take her for a day and then bring her back but I’m not really sure,” Gutierrez said. “I just hope it doesn’t happen again.”

“Somebody saw them and talked some sense into their head and they decided that this was wrong and we need to fix this very quickly,” Moncrief said.

The school district said it cannot comment at this time if plans to press charges seen on those security cameras.


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