SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Which declared delicacies are at the top of Californians’ minds this Thanksgiving? The answers might surprise you.

This year, the home design website House Method shared two maps showing the most popular savory and sweet Thanksgiving dishes in every state.

Alright, what they actually did was share the “most-searched” Thanksgiving dishes for each state, but the implications certainly suggest that they’re meant to somehow represent each state on a larger sense.

So what did California get for savory? Green bean casserole? Scalloped potatoes? Heck, even just plain old roasted turkey? Nope, Californians in the opening stages of stick-to-your-ribs food items are apparently all about yams for Thanksgiving.

Mmmm….candied yams. Despite being quite good, they’re typically a hard sell for parents whose kids aren’t crazy about veggies.

And for our favorite sweet dish on turkey day? It’s got to be pumpkin pie, right? Yep. We think at least they got that one right.

See which dishes were most-searched in other states


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