NORTH AUBURN (CBS13) – Deputies say footprints led them right to the home of someone suspected of stealing from a construction site in North Auburn.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says, back on Nov. 18, they got a report about a break-in at a job site. Apparently, someone cut into a metal container using a torch and took a circular saw and pump.

A site supervisor noticed some footprints and tracks from a dolly’s wheels leading away from the area. A deputy decided to follow the track and found that, after disappearing in a field for a bit, the footprints showed up again and led right to a neighborhood near the construction site.

The footprints eventually disappeared near a house. Investigating who lived at the home, deputies identified a possible suspect in the case: 40-year-old Lucas Strom, a man on probation for theft and drug charges.

Strom had already been arrested for an unrelated probation violation in the past few days. According to his probation officer, Storm had fresh dirt on his boots and pants when he was arrested.

Deputies went to visit Strom in jail and found that his boots matched the footprint of those that were found at the crime scene.

A probation search of the home quickly uncovered a large cutting torch – along with the stolen circular saw and pump.

Strom, who was already in jail facing allegations of attempting to bribe an officer, had second-degree burglary charges added to the list.


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