By Tony Lopez

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — It’s a race against time to get Stroodle a new home.

The 8-year-old St. Bernard has had a rough go lately. Her owner passed away and she was stranded in the home. Thankfully she was rescued but now she needs to be saved again, but it’ll take a very special person.

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As much as we want this story to be about this big loveable dog looking for a new home so she could frolic in a yard until she grows old… it’s not. This loving big ball of drool is dying. Vets found a malignant tumor in her stomach, meaning she has just months to live.

The situation is enough to break down even those who’ve seen it all like Placer SPCA Leilani Fratas.

“I’m trying not to get teary-eyed, but when I think about the fact that Stroodle deserves a wonderful home for her remaining life…” Fratas said.

Stroodle was left alone in her former owner’s house back in August when they suddenly died. Neighbors stepped in to feed her, but no one came to get her.

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That’s when she was delivered to the Placer SPCA, where everyone fell in instant love.

“She is one of the most social dogs I’ve met,” Fratas said. “She loves attention and massages and belly rubs.”

Now those who’ve grown to know her, want her to get that attention from a loving home who’s prepared to have their heart broken just a bit and say goodbye way sooner than you’d want.

“Our Thanksgiving wish really, if we had one, it would be to find her a hospice adoptor who’s prepared to take on a pretty big responsibility,” Fratas said.

There is some good news for Stroodle. Her cancer has not spread and she continues to eat well and go on walks.

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You can find more information about adopting Stroodle here.