ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A large dog spotted with a thick wire stuck around its neck roaming Roseville streets has sparked a community search to save the animal before its too late.

“He has a wire contraption around his neck,” said Kelly Devlin, one Roseville resident leading the charge to find the dog.

Witnesses said the wire looks like it could be choking the animal so tight, the dog may not be able to eat or drink.

The dog was last seen around Baseline and Oak streets in Roseville on Wednesday.

Residents said by looking at recent paw tracks, the dog doesn’t appear to be bleeding, but they feel it could be in severe pain.

“It’s our responsibility as a general public to care for those things that cannot care for themselves,” Devlin said.

Animal Control was called in to assist and residents are now working in search teams to get the animal help. Animal Control urges to use caution when approaching any animal.

“You want to just approach it calmly and if it happens to show you any kind of fear, you want to back off and call us at Animal Control,” Gabe Sorenson with Roseville Animal Control said.

The community is asking drivers in the area to be on alert because at any moment this injured animal in pain could dart out into traffic.

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  1. Marielle says:

    Ahw poor dog 🙁 He really looks a lot like my Buddy and he could be his distant American cousin! (Luckily my BUddy is sound and safe at home overhere in the Netherlands)! I hope that people will be able to catch him and help him … Poor thing 🙁 You should think that someone has lost this dog, ain’t it? I really will freak out if one of my dogs gets lost somehow, like some months ago when my crested dog Elmo decided to see half of the country area around the town where I live for a day or 3 …

  2. Bonnie L Welch says:

    I want to help…..please contact me

  3. Nick T says:

    Let us know if more searcher volunteers are needed. If so, where folks meet in the AM to learn the daily search strategy and be dispatched to certain areas. Be happy to help. Also, Thank you Kelly Devlin. You’re doing excellent work putting out the word to find the dog!

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