SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s the busiest shopping weekend of the year and thousands of people are shopping local and supporting black-owned businesses.

“It’s quite a few people coming together and showing the power of bringing your money together,” said entrepreneur Miasha Helton. “Buying black but not even just buying black but just being entrepreneurs and selling great products.”

Many black-owned businesses are setting up shop down on Florin Road for Shop Black Friday Sacramento.

“We got up and came on up here and you know my wife is already spending money,” Dr. James Reede said. “I went to the credit union, got the money, gave it to her, I said, ‘Hey, I’ll just buy food.’ ”

The money being spent at the event gives back to the black community in ways Taylor Webb is experiencing as a teen.

“The lady who owns this store, for instance, she has a boys book club called the Boys in the Hood and a girls book club called All Around The Way Girl,” Webb said.

Dr. Reede says “shopping black” instead of buying at big department stores os great for the community.

“They don’t recycle the money into the African-American community,” he said of the big department stores. “This is keeping African-Americans employed.”

Stacy Hart said she just had to see first-hand how important “buy black, build black, support black” truly is.

“I’m just amazed [at] all the products and just seeing people that look like me and getting products out,” Hart said. “So I had to bring my family out just to see it.”

Shop Black Friday Sacramento is located at 2251 Florin Road and is open Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.


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