SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family that moved to Sacramento from Florida in August was reunited with their dog Ollie after the animal was lost in South Carolina on the drive to California.

Ollie is a 3-year-old Beagle mix who got lost running down the highway after the family was involved in a crash on their drive to California. Colin Condon, Ollie’s dad, said the dog was originally found as a stray on the side of a highway about two and a half years ago.

“Ollie was really scared, so as soon as we opened a door he ran down the highway. We tried to go after him but couldn’t find him,” Condon said. “We stayed in the area for a day searching with no luck. Then about a month ago, I got a call that someone had found him.”

Condon said the dog was located hiding in a South Carolina man’s field, but too scared to get close enough so the man could read his collar. When the man was able to read the dog’s collar, he gave the family a call to tell them their boy was safe.

After being separated from the animal for over three months, the family was reunited with Ollie in West Sacramento on Sunday night.

Ollie embarked on a nearly 3,000-mile trek across 11 states that began in Columbia, South Carolina on Nov. 23. A transport coordinator in Colorado managed the dog’s journey home, and 36 volunteer drivers joined the cause — each driving one leg of the relay up to 90 miles apiece.

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