STOCKTON (CBS13) – WalletHub is out with a new “Safest Cities in America” list for 2019 – and the statistics aren’t all that encouraging for Northern California.

Using 41 indicators of safety, WalletHub rated 182 cities across the US for the list.

Some factors put into the metrics include Murders & Non-Negligent Manslaughters per Capita, Sex Offenders per Capita, Drug Poisoning Deaths per Capita, Earthquake Risk Level, Flood Risk Level, Unemployment Rate and Debt-to-Income Ratio, among many others.

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With all that taken into account, the only Northern California city to make the top 50 was Fremont at number 30.

Sacramento ranks near the middle of the list at 98, while Modesto came in at 121.

In the bottom quarter of the list, San Francisco and Stockton got ranked one after another at 145 and 146. Interestingly, both cities were polar opposites in the unemployment category – with San Francisco tied for first (with 5 other cities) for the lowest unemployment rate and Stockton ranked third from last with one of the highest.

Bakersfield and Oakland didn’t fare much better with a 143 and 149 rank, respectively.

Columbia, MD topped the list, while St. Louis, MO came in dead last.


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