DAVIS (CBS13) — The city of Davis could soon be watching you.

There has been a surge in violent crime over the last two months which has city leaders considering new proposals to put cameras and license plate readers around town.

City leaders decided to go ahead with the proposal Tuesday night, but they want to hear more from residents before putting it to a final vote and installing the first cameras.

Some residents are tired of the crime problem.

“I’ve been here for 28 years, but the last two or three years its been robberies, car theft, car break-ins,” Peter Pastoor said.

Residents say the worst areas are the neighborhoods and roads with immediate access to Interstate 80 or State Route 113. That includes Russell Boulevard.

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Now police and city leaders believe the best way to crack down on robberies and assaults is to catch it on camera, allowing officers to roll police units in real-time to the crime scene and potentially stop it.

“I think being a mom and to catch something that’s happening would be good,” Christina Thomas said.

The city is not only considering cameras but license tag readers, its technology police say is desperately needed, especially with fewer officers on the force.

Davis police chief Darren Pytel says its a way to have more eyes on the streets.

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The new system would also connect police computers to other police agencies nationwide, which could be helpful while trying to track a suspect.

“We don’t have an instant way to contact all the other agencies to see what kind of history a person has,” Pytel said.

But, the thought of Big Brother watching over Davis is making some residents cringe.

“I hate them, you can’t be spying on the public out here,” Austin Jones said.

Some are willing to fight elected leaders to ensure Davis does not become an over-policing society.