By Renée Santos

MODESTO (CBS13) — A bullet hole now sits in a Modesto man’s house after two armed suspects broke into his home early Wednesday morning with his family inside. The incident happened at a home on Dezzani Way near Ustick Road.

The father says the intruder fired a shot into the door. He didn’t want to share his identity for the safety of his family and said what lasted only a few seconds felt like hours.

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His home surveillance camera captured two masked men inside his home claiming to be police. “Busting in, they were yelling ‘Police, police, get down on the ground, get on the ground,’” he said.

He says one of the men went upstairs to his daughter’s room with a gun. “She goes, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, please don’t shoot me,’” he said.

He says his wife’s yelling turned the intruders’ attention toward them.

“He proceeded to our room began kicking our door,” he described. “I just yelled saying, ‘Hey I’ve already called police, they are on their way.’”

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The warning he says scared the men away.

Neighbor Ruby Nazar says the home invasion incident was not the first time her neighborhood was hit. She said someone tried to steal her Jeep before.

“It really concerns me,” Nazar said. “And that did happen in broad daylight and the neighbors over here told me and that was pretty scary.”

Like the family involved in the home invasion, Nazar has home surveillance cameras. The family is now hoping the video of what happened will help police identify who broke into their home.

“I hope that they turn from this life. I hope that they change their ways because if they don’t they are either going to end up dead or in prison,” the father said.

Police believe the incident was random and say the armed suspects had bandanas covering their faces. One was wearing dark pants, a light-colored hoodie with a glove on his hand, carrying a backpack. The other suspect was wearing dark clothing and gloves.

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If you have any information regarding the incident, call Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636.