CALAVERAS COUNTY (CBS13) — More than 2,500 plants were seized from an illegal marijuana grow in Calaveras County on Thursday.

(credit: Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office)

When deputies entered the residence on the 2000 block of South Ranchero Road in Valley Springs, they reportedly smelled a strong stench of engine exhaust coming from a generator that was being used to power the grow lights.

Deputies say they encountered a non-compliant man who was taken into custody and also found a woman who was partially coherent in a bedroom near the running generator. Medics responded to the scene to check the two occupants for carbon monoxide exposure. Both were treated at the scene and the woman was taken to a hospital for additional treatment.

The home and several outbuildings had been converted into an illegal pot grow. Deputies said extreme mold and electrical hazards were found throughout the house.

After it was made safe to enter, deputies seized more than 2,500 marijuana plants and 8.32 pounds of processed marijuana.

Wenmin Yang, age 65, and Xiulan Yang age 65 were both charged with operating an illegal marijuana grow and other charges related to the grow.

An investigation into this grow is ongoing.

  1. TeaParty says:

    The hassling dangers one most go through to escape the detection of discrimminators, prejudicial officers, and segregators when planting seeds to life, roots to hold the earth in tack, and a God given plant. Mold grows in unsanitary conditions of enclosed space where the sun does not shine, air does not ventilate, monoxide instead of oxygen is the redox, and communist extortion paymetnts are paid to the gang of a few for turf legalization and pay for protection of business. Back in the Asian countries gansters would use the same tactics of fear intimidation to make people in business pay for protection. It is called communist.

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