STOCKTON (CBS13) — People who live at The Waterfront Steamboat Landing apartments are shocked someone would hurt their security guard known as “Bob.”

“They’d call Bob, ‘Bob, could you escort me into the house,’ or something like that,” Wanda Jones said.  “And he’d be always willing to do that. He’s done it for me several times.”

Resident Teresa Nerez said, “How could anybody do something like that to someone so nice?”

Anita Buntun, 51 (credit: Stockton PD)

A Stockton PD spokesperson said the 68-year-old guard died after falling to the ground during an altercation with a woman, Anita Buntun, 51, who didn’t live in the complex and was trying to enter just after 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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Police said Bob was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

“It was a shock. Bob was kind. He was such a kind man who cared about everybody,” Nerez said.

Some residents said they were upset over the fact that Bob died while he just doing his job of protecting those at the complex.

“I’m actually mad and sad because he didn’t deserve whatever happened to him,” Jones said. “I don’t know exactly what happened to him. But, just the fact that, like I said he did his job.”

Stockton police said Buntun is facing elderly abuse charges at this time as this apartment community learns they’ve lost of a familiar face, paid to protect them.

“I’m so sorry you know. I’m sorry for that person that was trying to keep this place safe,” Aurelia Rivers said.

“He was the security guard, so he made sure we were always safe,” Jones said.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office told CBS13 that the Coroner’s Office wouldn’t be able to release Bob’s official identity until Monday.

Detectives are still investigating the cause of death.


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