By Ryan Hill

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — Video from a CBS13 viewer shows the chaotic moments at an In-N-Out on Madison Avenue in North Highlands Saturday night.

It shows what appears to be a teen girl punching a security guard at the fast-food restaurant, as well as a wet-floor sign and drinks being thrown during the ruckus. CBS13 has decided to not show her or others faces in the video because they are likely minors.

We showed customers going into the restaurant on Monday what happened and some were shocked to learn about the melee.

“That’s very scary. I would be very afraid to stay in there absolutely,” Naomi Williams said.

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“That’s something I never would’ve done, I wouldn’t throw a wet floor sign at anybody. That’s pretty crazy,” Tyler Southwick said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told CBS13 nobody was seriously hurt during the incident. A spokesperson with the sheriff’s office said deputies were called out at 11:45 p.m. to multiple calls of teen screaming, yelling and harassing the security guard.

The In-N-Out store manager wasn’t able to speak with us on-camera regarding the situation, but he thinks the situation was a bunch of teens acting up and that everything was quickly resolved by his employees and security.

CBS13 asked In-N-Out corporate offices for information and a comment regarding the situation. A spokesperson told us that they are looking into what happened on Saturday night but weren’t able to provide information at this time.

Customers on Monday said they’re impressed by how the employees managed to end the ruckus and get the group out of the store.

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“They were just trying to get the situation under control, push everybody out and figure out what the common ground was,” Williams said.

“The security guy, he didn’t have any cover,” Tom Decicco said. “He couldn’t get any more aggressive than he did. They were helpless.”

Although, some think that some issues could arise.

“Of course, they’re trying to stop all the chaos but I don’t know if they should really put themselves in a situation where they might be liable for something,” Ismael Herrera said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is working with the restaurant to have a patrol request for the restaurant during hours when these situations could happen.  Some people say that it could definitely work.

“People are less likely to do that thing right in front of a law enforcement,” Herrera said.

“So a patrol officer or a car, if people in the surroundings will look around and say ‘OK we can’t do that here,’” Williams said.

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    This is NOT North Highlands, please correct this error!!!!!!!! This is Sacramento, the closest community from this that is NOT North Highlands and inside of Sacrmento would be Foothill Farms.

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