ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The parking lot was nearly empty, a sign on the door said “now hiring full-time merchandisers” and inside the store the shelves were largely bare.

On a Saturday afternoon just over two weeks before Christmas, the Toy Land at Fry’s Electronics in Roseville was deserted. There were no customers, there were no toys. One of the few salespeople on the floor said the Fry’s store in Natomas looked the same. He said staff had been told the company was “restructuring.”

IN PHOTOS: Fry’s Store Shelves Barren As Christmas Approaches (swipe for more)

Online reports show the same thing is happening at other Fry’s stores around the country and suggest the company is switching to a consignment business model, where shelves are stocked with products that Fry’s doesn’t have to pay for until they are sold.

A Fry’s spokesman told the Dallas Morning News the company is not liquidating or planning to close any stores. Spokesman Manuel Valerio told the Dallas newspaper the company’s 34 stores in nine states will have product again “over the next several weeks,” but that report was published Nov. 15.

Fry’s did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

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  1. JR Namida says:

    Las Vegas is the same. Nothing to buy, if you want to build a desktop system.

  2. Thomas Erickson says:

    They closed the Duluth Georgia store last week with no warning.

  3. xxx says:

    McCoy to Kirk: It’s dead Jim!

  4. Isidien says:

    That’s just the dumbest move they’ve made so far. Whomever in management came up with that idea should be fired then shot! Fry’s was famous for just about anything and everything to any Information Technology professional, from the a simple CAT-5 cable or RJ-45, to having everything you could possibly need to build a workstation, server or gaming machine and that’s just one aspect. They were THE store to go to, now they turned into a store to stay away from.

  5. Lowball says:

    Just left the Natomas store and it’s a ghost town.

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