by Linda Mumma

MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto woman says she saw a man force a woman into the trunk of his car before speeding off.

Police don’t know what to make of the sighting and are working to determine if it was a crime or a prank. But the woman who saw it happen, Kimberly Hansen, insists this is no joke.

Hansen said a car pulled up at the corner of El Vecino and Fairmont Streets in Modesto and two people got out around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The man was driving and a woman was riding in the backseat.

“He had popped the trunk and he followed her to the back of the trunk where he was poking her back and she climbed in the trunk and he shut the trunk,” Hansen said.

Surprised by what she just saw, she says she did everything in her power to get the man’s attention.

“It looked like she was being poked and forced to get into the trunk,” Hansen said. “I was banging on the window, saying, ‘hey I see you,’ but plaster walls it’s hard for anyone to hear you. So I went outside and as soon as he saw me he took off towards Orangeburg.”

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She says it wasn’t until she walked outside that her doorbell security camera began recording.

“We looked on my Vivant, or Ring, and it had gone offline right at that time, so I couldn’t capture that,” Hansen said.

She told officers the woman was blonde, in her thirties, and about 5’3″ tall.

“I mean, she wasn’t laughing, she wasn’t thinking it was a joke. She wasn’t playing around,” Hansen said.

Police responded to her home within minutes and determined the two were in a newer-model, black four-door sedan.

Without many leads or signs of trouble, Sergeant Kalani Souza said there isn’t much police can do.

“There was one video that did capture the vehicle leaving the area, but no signs of distress or anything to allow us to identify the vehicle 100 percent,” Sgt. Souza said. “There were no reports of arguing, or fighting or the vehicle driving excessively. We do have a report in case it turns into something, but right now it looks like this was some type of dare, or practical joke or something of that nature.”

Hansen hopes someone knows something to help find the woman.

“I don’t think any woman gets in a trunk willingly. I just don’t think that’s possible,” Hansen said.


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