SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Mayor Darrell Steinberg says Sacramento will continue to welcome refugees in light of a new executive order issued by the Trump Administration.

The mayor’s office announced on Friday that Steinberg had submitted an official letter that states Sacramento’s intent to keep welcoming refugees. If Steinberg did not submit the letter, per Executive Order 13888, Sacramento would have been automatically opted out of refugee resettlement programs.

“We are proud to be one of the nation’s most welcoming cities for refugees,” Mayor Steinberg said in a statement about submitting the letter.

Steinberg’s office also noted that the City of Sacramento is one of the jurisdictions that has signed onto an amicus brief challenging the legality of the order.

Among all states, the mayor’s offices says California has admitted the most refugees since 2002 – with Sacramento being a hub of resettlement efforts.

President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13888 back in September. Since he took office, the number of refugees admitted into the US has dropped precipitously. Further, the administration said only a maximum of 18,000 refugees will be admitted in 2020 – down from the previous cap of 30,000.