By Rob Malcolm

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – While UPS trucks are known for making deliveries, one box truck with the signature logo was parked overnight on Sierra Point Drive in a Natomas business park fully loaded and unlocked.

A local business owner assumed it was abandoned and made calls at 7 in the morning. Plenty of people who work in the area were confused, including long-haul truck driver Harry Singh.

“I don’t know it certainly got my head-scratching too. I don’t really understand what UPS is doing,” said Singh who added the truck should have been locked with a seal on the rear cargo door.

Looking for answers, we reached out to UPS who told us oddly enough this big brown truck with the UPS logo was not their truck. That seemed odd, so we kept digging and ran the truck’s plate through the DMV. Sure enough, it came back registered no other than UPS.

When we told them that and sent in some pictures, they looked into it further. That’s when UPS finally confirmed it is their truck. We learned the truck is used essentially as a mobile distribution center, allowing drivers to meet at this location and pick up packages rather than drive back to the warehouse.

Harman Sohal, the owner of Sohal Brothers trucking, was just as surprised.

“UPS…that’s a big deal; no seals on the back, I don’t know how they’re letting that go by,” he said.

UPS spokesperson Matt O’Conner told CBS13 that the truck in question is a commercial box truck, not a package truck used for residential deliveries. We never did get a straight answer as to why it was unlocked and loaded with commercial products.

UPS added the commercial products inside the truck weren’t necessarily going to be delivered today or tomorrow. And they partner with businesses that can choose to use the trucks. Long haul drivers use the business park to park when lots are full and with plenty of cargo. All long haul drivers familiar with the Natomas business park say this has been a first for them.

“Most of the yards I seen I’ve never seen a UPS truck at any of the yards that we park our trucks at,” said Singh.

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  1. Tim Stevens says:

    the cats out of the bag now , thieves will now know

  2. purduepete01 says:

    tomorrow’s news: fully loaded and unlocked UPS truck was robbed

  3. Come here from Drudge Report? Google “Press California” for more real California news.

  4. beachbumct says:

    sounds like an inside job to steal packages, or move drug shipments from the company..someone in traffic or mgmt divert a fully loaded truck offsite ..leave it arranged truck rolls up and offloads it..what can brown for you??

  5. Frank Discussion says:

    Is that guy taking a leak on the bumper of the white truck on the left @2:05 ?

  6. Chris Hamilton says:

    What was the permissible purpose to run the plate through the DMV and who did it for you?

  7. NTB says:

    what’s even stranger is that Christmas eve morning a young man driving a UPS truck came to my door asking if someone named Brittany lived at my house. I live in Natomas. He didn’t have a package or clipboard or anything. Made me very suspicious. If I didn’t have my pitbulls barking up a storm I would have been even more nervous as to why. Now I’m really thinking that truck was stolen which was my initial thought.

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