STOCKTON (CBS13) — Police say two Stockton malls were locked down Thursday evening after a large disturbance involving more than 150 juveniles.

The disturbance started around 5:30 p.m. at the Weberstown Mall, where police say they helped mall security get approximately 150-200 juveniles into the parking lot. They say several fights broke out in the parking lot. The mall was locked down during the incident.

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Police say the juveniles then moved to the Sherwood Mall where staff locked down immediately.

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So far, police have not arrested anyone in this incident. They did say one person was taken to an area hospital for unknown injuries.

It appears people who were already shopping at the Weberstown Mall were allowed to stay during the lockdown and continue shopping, but the police did not let anyone new enter the mall.

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Officials are asking people to stay out of the area of both malls.