EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is actively looking for a masked man and woman who were caught on surveillance cameras breaking into at least three businesses in El Dorado Hills.

The sheriff’s office said the burglaries happened within this past week. Three of the businesses, a sushi restaurant, a Beach Hut Deli, and a Great Clips, are off of Highway 50 in different shopping centers.

Ryan Demille is a manager at the Beach Hut Deli that was hit.

“Unfortunately we got broken into. They went into Great Clips; they broke the glass door on the back took some shampoo. They broke our glass door,” Demille said. “They pried the cash drawer like any thief would try to do. They tried to find anything they could that had to do with money.”

Umi Sushi says they were one of the spots hit.

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“They took a bottle of wine and a glass of beer and my nephew’s backpack. That’s all. I don’t know why!” Landi Ge, an Umi Sushi employee.

Security cameras show the thieves making a quick getaway after smashing windows at some establishments and prying open the back door of another.

“They were really not in each place very long. It was maybe two minutes max,” Demille said.

Some restaurants say this experience is making them step up their security.

“But we are going to try to do something on the door and the window so when they are trying to get in the alarm will sound immediately,” Ge said.

Many of the businesses say the thieves didn’t make off with much, but it cost anywhere from $700 to $800 to fix their glass doors.


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