SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If you have any gas-powered gardening tools, you may be forced to give them up soon.

California is considering a statewide ban on the equipment.

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At least 60 cities in California have some kind of ban on gas-powered garden tools, but now state regulators are concerned about the impacts these tools could be having on the environment.

According to the California Air Resources Board, running a gas-powered lawnmower for an hour will produce the same amount of air pollution as a Toyota Camry driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

There are millions more small off-road engines (i.e.: gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers) in California than there are light-duty passenger cars, according to the board’s estimates.

The board has set a goal of reducing smog from these machines by 80 percent by 2031.

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  1. Billy Goat says:

    How about a ban on “gas” emanating from your dumb-ass politicians mouths?

    1. Lonnie Parmenter says:

      Eliminate the gas coming from both ends of the politicians everywhere!!! Maybe a “carbon tax” should be levied for words and farts.

  2. Latta says:

    Will golf courses get an exemption? How do you mow countless acres of grass weekly via battery packs? I live in Palm Springs ca area and we have over 140 courses in a 60 square mile space….the cost (even if such mowers exist) to swap over would put many courses out of business….land of unforeseen consequences

    1. Libertarian Advocate says:

      Maybe get a goat or two?

      1. Donald Olson says:

        Cheaper by the Dozen?

    2. nillo says:

      It’s the desert. Think about that for a minute.

  3. custerboy says:

    Do these idiots realize that electric gardening tools do not have the power to perform commercial gardening work? I a starting to sense that these people are trying to be difficult on purpose.

    1. Libertarian Advocate says:

      “I a starting to sense that these people are trying to be difficult on purpose.” Finally catching on are you? Better late than never, or so I hear.

    2. Dano Seibert says:

      Wrong, I’ve been working as a gardener for 30 years, three years ago I switched to Huskvarna professional battery machines. Just as powerful as gas, and no more fumes!!

      1. Hugh Jorgan says:

        You must work at least 30 minutes a day.

  4. Jimmy Russle says:

    Lolifornia will be charging a tax for breathing ‘clean’ air inside it’s state come 2025

  5. BrokeAsAJoke says:

    This must happen. CA needs to face a massive, overwhelming and devastating fiscal reckoning. I thought the utter failure of the HSR would begin the process, but even that disaster has had no effect on lawmakers intent to spend money we don’t have, and to implement policies that are economically seismic in scale and scope. Not to mention unpopular by working people. I live here, and even those in my family who previously leaned left and supported such policies are bewildered by the extremes to which CA pushes regulation and spending. There is no political moderation from Sacramento…only extremism without regard for the consequences. Good… The quicker it becomes insolvent (and is not bailed out), the quicker we can come to our senses. There is a bottom, we just need to find it, and fast.

  6. Mike Macaluso says:

    I guess this would effectively ban farming in California.

  7. Mark Em says:

    “Sir, hand over your lawnmower immediately under State Statute Dumb.Ass,California Legislature, or you will be arrested, charged with a felony with a possible 5-10 years in jail”

    Sir – Officer, how am I to cut the back 40 acres.

    Officer – Sir, the Russians taught the world that a sickle works great. True Hardware is running a special on them today.

  8. tngilmer says:

    How are you going to cut the grass? You cannot use goats. The Hispanics are eating them and the Muslims are having sex with them.

  9. Colin says:

    Personally I think we need to worry more about the amount of garbage we produce than carbon emissions.

  10. squirefld says:

    I have to laugh. My gas powered lawn mower has a sticker on the back of the engine that says “not to be sold in California.” In the spring I use it two times a week and the rest of the year at least once, except in the winter when I pull out my gas powered snow blower.

  11. Jim says:

    Thank God! This will include leaf blowers, the most hated piece of machinery ever invented. The infestation of these destructive sonic nightmares has turned the town of Novato into an airport where the planes never land, they just circle endlessly from one neighborhood to another. Noise complaints involving GLBs have exploded nationwide in 2019. Redondo Beach had 1700 noise complaints last year alone. The most ill conceived machine of the 20th century has no place in the 21st. Millions of Californians will applaud this new law and the peace and quiet that will result. Imagine having a quiet cup of coffee in your yard in the morning.

  12. Dave Hardesty says:

    Get use to mowing with a push/reel mower.

  13. Better cold than crazy says:

    They’re all nuts there. Who in the world would want to even live in that nightmare of a place.

  14. …Just ONE MORE reason WHY I moved out of California…waaaay too many restrictions on freedoms.. the government wants to control what we eat, say, drive, etc. Get a life CA. politicians!

    1. KSH says:

      I hope you aren’t voting for communists wherever you moved to.

  15. Bobby says:

    The ruling Comrades of California need to familiarize themselves with the U.S. Constitution’s command, “No ex post facto law shall be passed.” I own my lawn tools, have for a long time. You can’t criminalize my ownership and use of them after-the-fact, Comrades.

  16. Blather says:

    Pretty soon if you fart you will be charged for it. I believe this is the WHOLE goal of California politicians. To actually make money off your damn farts. But this will uhhh, backfire when you file your phony tax returns and will reveal your politicians were CHARGED the most!

  17. MIke K says:

    You do realize that California will turn around and implement a new tax to make up for the short fall from lost gas taxes.

  18. Sally Hillal says:

    Too many criminals in the government ,,, the public hanging needs to begin.

  19. Hugh Jorgan says:

    This is why you never vote for an idiot liberal democrat. With the fires in California, the last thing you want is for people to stop taking care of their property.

  20. Allison Seamark Hendry says:

    the streets are covered in huan feces and strewn with used syringes and THIS is what they focus on. Nuckin’ Futs.

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