By Tony Lopez

SUISUN CITY (CBS13) — A Solano County fire department says its newest tool has saved a life.

Suisun City firefighters say the chest compression system has already proven its power, answering the call on a recent life-or-death emergency.

The tool, named LUCAS, can work for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, giving CPR to a person in need and giving fire personnel a renewed sense of confidence.

Suisun City Chief Justin Vincent calls it a life-saver.

“It’s allowing for better chest compressions, more consistent chest compressions, and it’s also there for firefighter safety,” Vincent said.

Meaning, fire crews can now be strapped in with a seatbelt in the back of an ambulance during a ride to the hospital while LUCAS goes to work.

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And it did go to work just after Christmas. It was an early morning CPR call.

“We were able to get strong pulses back on this victim and they were able to be transported to the hospital for further care,” Vincent said.

The department has two chest compression systems. They say the devices also free up firefighters and paramedics to tackle other tasks on the scene of an emergency from grabbing a gurney to setting up an IV and communicating with the hospital.

It also adds an extra layer of something every first responder needs.

“I do feel more confident with the LUCAS device because we’re able to apply that to the patient, and then it frees up another provider so they can help with the paramedic in getting the equipment ready,” a Suisun City firefighter said.

All working on the same goal, human and non-human forces pumping new life into a sense of teamwork where there’s only one goal: keeping the patient alive.

The compression CPR machine is used by other departments as well. These are the first two for Suisun City fire crews, paid for in part by Medic Ambulance and North Bay Health Care.


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