LODI (CBS13) – The Lodi Unified School District says they’re looking into a video that appears to show a school bus getting dangerously close to a railroad crossing.

Exactly when and where the incident happened is unclear, but the video – which was posted on social media on Monday – clearly shows a school bus belonging to Lodi Unified stopped under a railroad crossing arm just as a train goes by.

In a statement released early Monday afternoon, Lodi Unified acknowledged the video and said they are investigating.

“We understand and appreciate the concerns that have been voiced regarding this video. Safety remains our foremost priority in the District,” Lodi Unified officials wrote. “We take all safety matters seriously and we want to assure you that this incident is being fully investigated by the District.”

Lodi Unified officials noted that there was one student on the bus at the time of the incident.

  1. Mari says:

    I would like to hear what the bus driver has to say instead of everyone assuming this was poor judgement or an reckless act by the bus driver.

    This very same thing happened to me many years ago as I was approaching the railroad crossing. The cross arms came down right in front of my windshield very quickly not giving me anytime to react. I could not back up because the car behind me was right up to my bumper.

    I was driving a station wagon and had my baby in the car. It was very frightening because the station wagons front end was long so it was very close to the tracks. The only thing I could do was put on my emergency brake and hope for the best. The car shook as the train went by but thank god nothing happened.

    Please lets not rush to judgement on this unfortunate incident.

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