LODI (CBS13) — A heart-stopping close call between a train and a school bus is under investigation in Lodi.

The bus came within feet of crashing into the train Monday morning and it’s all caught on camera. The incident happened at a railroad crossing off Lodi Avenue near Sacramento Street.

Drivers watched in horror as the school bus, stuck under a crossing arm, got too close for comfort.

“This sign closed on top of the bus, then the bus tried to go and then the bus reversed,” said Justin Clubb in the video he recorded of the incident.

The bus appears to be within feet of the train. Parents who watched the video are horrified.

“It’s frightening. Extremely frightening,” said Jennifer Aiello.

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A spokesperson for the Lodi Unified School District confirmed that this is one of their buses and one of their drivers. One student was on board at the time. A statement on the District Facebook page said: “We take all safety matters seriously and we want to assure you that this incident is being fully investigated.”

People CBS13 talked to can’t imagine how that one student on board was feeling.

“I’d be praying to God. I would hope that everyone would be ok and I probably would be freaking out,” said Walker Reitz, a Lodi resident.

There are regulations for how school bus drivers are supposed to handle a crossing like this. According to the California DMV, the front of the bus must remain behind the white stop line on the pavement before the tracks. Drivers said this bus went way past it.

Lodi Unified School district bus drivers are re-certified and must take tests every five years on safety protocols.

CBS13 asked the district if the bus driver would be punished, but a spokesperson said she can’t comment on personnel matters.

  1. Mari says:

    I would like to hear what the bus driver has to say instead of everyone assuming this was poor judgement or an reckless act by the bus driver.

    This very same thing happened to me many years ago as I was approaching the railroad crossing. The cross arms came down right in front of my windshield very quickly not giving me anytime to react. I could not back up because the car behind me was right up to my bumper.

    I was driving a station wagon and had my baby in the car. It was very frightening because the station wagons front end was long so it was very close to the tracks. The only thing I could do was put on my emergency brake and hope for the best. The car shook as the train went by but thank god nothing happened.

    Please lets not rush to judgement on this unfortunate incident.

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