SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A driver has been detained after crashing into a Sacramento 7-Eleven store early Monday morning, officers say.

According to Sacramento police, it happened after 2 a.m. at the convenience store on Northgate Boulevard.

Officers say the business sustained minor damage.

No injuries appear to have been reported.

The driver and a passenger were detained shortly after the crash. Police say they are looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role.

  1. Alicia Ramos says:

    I was just in a car accident on Friday. I was driving a 2007 Nissan Altima. My foot was on the brake the whole time. Even after I crashed into the car in front of me my foot was still planted firmly on the brake. The cars in front of me were stopped at the red light so I was slowing down to a stop when suddenly the car accelerated quickly into the car in front of me. This may have happened to this man as well. When you start a Nissan Altima you have to put your foot on the brake. This has happened to several people from what I have found online. There is something wrong with the transmission on the Nissan Altima.

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