OAKLAND (CBS13) – Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a weeklong statewide tour promoting his billion-dollar effort to tackle the homeless crisis in California.

The governor signed an emergency order last week and plans on distributing one hundred FEMA trailers throughout the state.

Touting his effort, the governor’s office highlighted a fleet of trailers that were on their way to a vacant lot in Oakland on Wednesday. The trailers will provide services and shelter to homeless people.

Earlier in the week, Gov. Newsom toured a Nevada County program that provides health assistance and low-barrier housing for people in Grass Valley. The next day, he visited the Los Angeles area and Riverside to tour homeless shelters meet with homeless advocates.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development says about 150,000 people are living on California streets or in shelters.

As part of his 2020-21 budget proposal, Gov. Newsom is pushing for $1 billion for fight homelessness in California.

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  1. Jalpari says:

    This is not a long term solution. Are the tax payers building trailer parks in SF for citizens that make less than $45 an hour?!

    1. Lou Noble says:

      have you heard of RV Parks. each spot has a sewer line and electric post on it, I’m sure thats where this trailers are going to be set up.

  2. John Nunya says:

    Who is going to empty the tanks of all the human waste they will be filling them up with?

  3. Victoria Ingrid says:

    current value of the camper, $12,000. Value of camper in 2 months – will cost $1,000 to have it removed and disposed of from the contamination and filth

  4. Diana Johnston says:

    FEMA trailors?

  5. SOOOOOO glad I left that h*ll hole.

  6. Ullr says:

    Bringing in 100 trailers isn’t going to make a dent in California’s 150,000 homeless population although they certainly have given the Governor a lot of free publicity for trying; Donald Trump (federal trailers) not so much. Sending home 150,000 illegal non-citizens, on the other hand, would free up existing housing and state and local resources to pay for caring for California’s citizens.

  7. Common Celebrity says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. The City of Fullerton, Orange County, L.A. County, and the entire State of California would benefit immensely if they collectively set their goals much higher, and started thinking a little more massively dynamic in forming a solution to the #HomelessnessEpidemic.
    In my humble opinion a #FlagShip Massively Dynamic Hospital & Shelter for the Homeless would go a long way in determining a permanent solution to the enormous homelessness crisis in the United States of America.
    The “Operative” term here is “Massively Dynamic”! You see a massively dynamic Hospital & Shelter for the Homeless would have the capacity to have a sanitary camp site for those who have trouble adjusting to a sterile environment.

  9. Phil B says:

    100 trailers for how many THOUSANDS of homeless people in California???? How about the other way around???

  10. Dante says:

    I have room for over 50 of these trailers for the homeless. All work has been done with water, power, sewer, pads, club house, soup kitchen, showers and bathrooms, and room to grow. Northern California location, but can’t seem to find anyone at the State level to talk with. I have tried several times to make the offer, but no one has got back to me. Does anyone know who I need to talk with at the State level to get something moving for these folks? I can be reached at. Dperano@gmail.com. Thanks

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