SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) – The 49ers’ amazing turnaround season couldn’t end in a better way than with a trip to the Super Bowl. This is the team’s first appearance at the big game since 2012.

CBS13’s Sara Hodges talked with Elk Grove native and defensive end Arik Armstead about the ups and downs that brought him to this point.

Sara: How does heading to the Super Bowl feel?

Arik: It’s amazing. Of course, you know, it’s my first time going to the Super Bowl. To win in this fashion with this group of guys is amazing.

Sara: When you came into this season there were questions whether or not the Niners were going to sign you long-term. You’ve completely changed that narrative. How does that feel?

Arik: It feels amazing, especially being from northern California. I love it here. You know, I’m from Sacramento. Of course, you’ve got a lot of Niners fans there and all over northern California. I take a lot of pride in representing this area and playing for this team.

Sara: You felt that love tonight in here?

Arik: Man, they were walking in here like they’ve been all year.

Sara: When you look back at this season, what are you going to remember the most?

Arik: Just the guys. My brothers…taking the field with them…fighting with them…you know, playing hard in games…and trying to find ways to win games with them. That’s the part that, I think when you’re done, you’re always going to remember the faces of the guys you play with.

Sara: Through all this adversity, who’s been by your side the most?

Arik: My family, of course. My fiance…they’ve been there with me since day 1, supporting me through the ups and downs. It’s been amazing.

Arik Armstead is one of three local players on the 49ers. Quarterback Ahkello Witherspoon is from Sacramento and tight end Ross Dwelly is from Sonora.


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