By Renee Santos

OAKLAND (CBS13) — It all happened in a matter of seconds: A man ran up to a woman with a gun pointed directly at her. He snatched her purse, slightly backed away, then went after her again.

He then quickly took off running while the woman continued to frantically scream outside her front door in Oakland.

Stacey Councilman works with The Warrior Forged Project and teaches women self-defense.

“What she did was right. She gave him her stuff and started screaming,” said Councilman.

She admits there may be times where you won’t see an attack coming and are completely caught off guard.

“Sometimes people are so desperate, like this guy,” she said.

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At that point, Councilman says to drop every you have and run. Ultimately, she advises people to have situational awareness, and know preventative self-defense.

It’s what Josie Nunez is learning.

“Be aware so that you are not getting cornered or you are not getting hurt, leave your stuff and go, or let them go,” Nunez said.

You can learn more about The Warrior Forged Project’s free women’s self-defense classes on their website. 


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