By Heather Janssen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — What makes a city stand out? A recent report by U.S. News says Stockton takes the cake when it comes to a variety of cultures and named it the most diverse city in the country.

“If you walk these streets and really just talk to someone – they’ll let you know,” said Rachel Thompson, a born and raised Stocktonian.

Stop anyone on the street in downtown Stockton, each person to meet has a story to tell.

“I moved to Boston for three and a half years,” said Heather Anderson, who works in the downtown area. “Even then I was like – I’m from the middle of California.”

The city in the heart of the Central Valley boasts more than 300,000 people where no two people are the same, with evidence to back it up. What settles the score are the odds that if you picked two people at random in the city, they’d be of different cultures. It’s how U.S. News did the math to pick what city is the most diverse nationwide.

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“We’ve had our ups and downs but the great thing about is we’re a melting pot,” said Thompson.

You could call it ‘America’s Melting Pot.’ For those who call this city home, it’s pride, not prejudice, that makes it stand out.

“I tell people Stockton is on my ring finger as far as my commitment to it,” said Benjamin Saffold, who is proud to live in Stockton.

Others say it’s the passion, art, and the food that set Stockton apart from the rest.

“The food is just a reflection of all the different people that live here,” said Erik Garcia, a recent Stockton transplant.

In Stockton, there are people of every ethnicity and culture.

“There’s a difference from where I come versus going somewhere else,” said Thompson.

Based on conversations with those in the downtown corridor — there’s no one way of thinking, and truly, all walks of life.

Sacramento took the third spot on the U.S. News’ list. Oakland came in at number two.

Heather Janssen

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  1. Frijolero says:

    What Stockton has is a huge amount of gang activity & associated violence, as well as a mayor who thinks manatees are the solution to water hyacinth in the channel

  2. Bemi says:

    Oh gee, most diverse in America and some of the highest amounts of crime. Wonder if there’s a correlation…

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