By Marc Woodfork

Matthew McConaughey returns to the big screen in the Guy Ritchie directed film, “The Gentlemen.”  In it, McConaughey plays an American who builds a lucrative marijuana empire in England over a number of years.  He decides he wants to retire and sell his business while trying to avoid being blackmailed, robbed or killed before he can get out.

Fans of Guy Ritchie’s other films will enjoy the sharp, smart, and witty dialogue that he is really good at writing.  Ritchie has the gift of gab and always creates interesting characters.  Even the characters that you hate have qualities that make you want to see more of them.

“The Gentlemen” boasts a stellar cast of actors including Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, and Colin Farrell.  One of the hardest jobs a director has when working with such a grand cast of great actors is to not let one overshadow the others.   He creates scenes and situations where each actor is able to fully develop their character no matter how much screen time is allowed.

With “The Gentlemen,” Ritchie allows the actors to navigate their own path through the script with little supervision outside of the main storyline and it works to perfection.  Like his other films, “The Gentlemen” is a lot of fun.  Will it be remembered come Oscar time next year?  Probably not, but who cares? It’s well worth the ticket price to see these actors do things that we are not accustomed to seeing.   The film is violent and filled with profanity, but it also has enough tongue in cheek laughs to even the film out.  It’s certainly worth a trip to the theater to see it.




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