SUISUN CITY (CBS13) – Firefighters from the Suisun City Fire Department went out of their way to help make a girl’s return from the hospital special.

Anekka Thomas reached out to CBS13 to say her young daughter Janon was recently at Stanford Medical Center to have a portion of her spine fused. But post-op complications meant she had to stay in the hospital longer than expected.

When Janon was finally able to be released from the hospital, Anekka wanted to make her return extra special with help from some special people. Janon loves firefighters, so Anekka reached out to the Suisun City Fire Department to ask if they could meet Janon.  Eager to help, the Suisun City fire chief and the on-duty engine company were waiting for Janon as she was brought home.

The warm welcome brought tears to Janon’s eyes.

“I appreciate the SCFD so much. Thank you for making my daughter’s homecoming special…a welcome home truly meant the world to her. I can’t say thank you enough,” mom Anneka wrote on Facebook.

When she is finally feeling up to it, Janon says she is going to bake some goodies for the firefighters.


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