By Steve Large

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A chartered passenger plane carrying American evacuees from areas in China where the coronavirus has circulated is expected to land early Wednesday morning at Travis Air Force Base.

As many as 250 evacuees will be quarantined at Travis Air Force Base hotel Westwind Inn, where they will be monitored as a precaution, and separated from the general population for two weeks.

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“The health and safety of our forces, their families and our base communities are our top concern in regard to the coronavirus,” Department of Defense spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said.

The doctor in charge of the quarantine led a meeting with local elected leaders Monday night. Fairfield’s Mayor Harry Price was there for it.

“The doctor who is responsible for providing the care, from the Center for Disease Control, was very clear that they will be, as you just said, they will be separated,” Price said.

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Mayor Price said if any evacuee does show symptoms of the coronavirus, they would likely be transported to a civilian hospital off base, not to the base’s own medical center.

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“My sense is, that they wouldn’t go to David Grant Medical Center on Travis, because that mission is strictly for military,” Price said.

People who live near the Air Force base are watching closely as these coronavirus evacuees arrive in their backyard.

Some are worried. Some are not.

“I’m a grandmother, I’m a mom, and I’m just concerned because it’s so close to home,” Fairfield resident Andrea Scott said.

“Travis Air Force Base is a good place to do it,” Suisun City’s Chrys Dahl said. “They’re going to be quarantined. They’re going to be safe.”

The global coronavirus outbreak. In the effort to stop its spread, evacuees are now arriving in Northern California.

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CDC has announced plans for a press conference at Travis Air Force Base with more details at noon Wednesday.