SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A state senator has introduced a bill that will require most California businesses to accept cash.

Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) introduced SB-926 on Wednesday. It would make retail stores accept cash payments for any transaction of goods or services.

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San Francisco passed a similar law last year that outlawed “cashless” business. Supporters of the law argued that cashless stores were discriminating against lower income people who often can’t access other forms of payment, like credit or debit cards.

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Hill’s bill will only exempt certain businesses, like those operating only online and car rental companies (as long as they accept a cashier’s or certified check).

The bill includes language that makes it clear the new law would not prevent a business from refusing cash that could be reasonably suspected to be counterfeit. It also won’t prevent a business from saying they can only accept bills no larger than $20.

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Businesses that don’t accept cash will face a fine of $25 to $500 per violation, according to the bill.